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Word Counts, is it better to use more or less?

When I first started writing grant applications, I thought it was important to reach the maximum word count every time. I would see a 200 word count maximum and think, I better get as much information in my response as possible. As I have become a more experienced writer, I realized this is a waste of everyones time. Word counts are meant to be a guide of how much information and detail to include. Ideally if you can get your point across in 100 words, use 100 words, do not j

Should you keep writing those grants you know you probably won't get?

Everyone has a different opinion on if you should keep writing those big popular grants that you haven't been successful in receiving year after year. As someone who has been in roles dedicated to writing, researching and following up on grants, I always thought to write any and all grants that fit the cause. I am of the mind set that you should always apply if you have the ability too, unless you are told by the funder not too. You never know what a funder or a panel is goin

Truth about Tenders

With tenders, people either know and understand how they work or don't have a clue. When I first started writing tenders, I thought they were the same as writing a grant. This is definitely not the case. People who write tenders know it's a relationship game. Sometimes you can work hours on a tender and be a perfect match, but still be unsuccessful. Often an organization will put a job, service or program up to tender already knowing who they are planning to choose, and this

Why Grant Guidelines are so important

For anyone who writes grants, we are commonly getting directed back to the guidelines. There have been times where I skimmed through just to write application quickly, but I always look back and see this as a mistake. People working for non-profit organizations are commonly stretched between multiple projects at once, leaving only a small amount of time to write an application. But reading the guidelines in detail could be the difference between being successful and not. When

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